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Digitalization, culture and prosocial contribution

A research and knowledge exchange project investigating meanings and practices of redistribution in the context of digitalization.

ReDigIm is a collaborative research and knowledge exchange project delivered by a consortium of five universities and five cooperation partners located in the UK, Finland, Germany, Spain and Switzerland.

Digitalization processes are rapidly reconfiguring access to and engagement with redistributive mechanisms, initiating new forms of payment and contribution. ReDigIm examines collective, common-sense understandings of these new forms of contribution and redistribution, and considers their implications for the future of tax systems and welfare states in Europe.

ReDigIm is supported by national funding agencies under the CHANSE ERA-NET Co-fund programme, and the project duration is November 2022 to October 2025. 


Universitat Pompeu i Fabra Barcelona
Lapin Yliopisto University of Finland
UAL: university of the arts London
University of Zurich


Swiss National Science Foundation